"Welcome to my house...
Leave something of the happiness that you bring..."

For the purposes of reference, I am a writer and an occasional publisher. More recently I also became a singer-songwriter & a music producer (or at least an 'executive' one i.e. hands-off production).

My interests are eclectic and subversive. Intellectually, I crave the decadent and the sublime; I favour the ambiguous and the illusory over the drab and the mundane. I admire the work of Robert Smith, William Burroughs, R. Murray Gilchrist, Dylan Thomas, P.J. Harvey, Edvard Munch, David Bowie, Angela Carter, Bauhaus, David Lynch, Will Self, H.B. Marriott Watson, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Robert Aickman, Franz Kafka, Nick Drake and Walter de la Mare. I pretty much hate anything that is bland. 

If you want to know more about me, then please explore this website, or even visit my Blog, which is rarely updated. Should you find anything objectionable or offensive, then please do feel free to report it immediately.

Ideally to someone who cares.

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