Essential Music

Music IS essential. Arguably it is the most important necessity after food, drink & sleep. Indeed, Maslow's 'Hierachy Of Need' should be revised to reflect this. Music is even more important than love - yes, you heard me right, LOVE (or LUV if you are a Dolls fan) - and what's more, it never cheats on you nor will it take you for granted. So, if you haven't been touched by music on a profound emotional level then you are living in denial, my friend: D E N I A L. But please don't waste time or money pursuing therapy to redress this failing - just go and buy music by the artists listed below. 

I personally like most types of music. A dirty bass-line and a snaking guitar riff really sparks my fire (great examples being 'People Ain't No Good' by The Cramps and 'Peaches' by The Stranglers). A slinky dark synth tune can also be very good (Fad Gadget's 'Back To Nature' or 'A Strange Day' The Cure). I particularly love strong & quirky narratives. In terms of current music, I cannot recommend the work of Aldous Harding highly enough. In my opinion she is as talented as the late Nick Drake but possessed of an even better voice. (Check out 'Swell Does The Skull' at the bottom of this page, then go buy her album 'Party'.)