I am hoping to publish an anthology featuring some of my very favourite decadent authors in the future. IT WILL BE BEAUTIFULLY SUBVERSIVE. And, ahem, probably quite expensive by virtue of the materials & binding method I would like to employ. Then there is the artwork to consider; the silk ribbon page-markers; oh, and the jasmine-scented incense-smoke which must be gently wafted over the weary editor by painted dancing girls gently waving lotus leaves while he works on said project. Etc etc. All essential stuff, I'm sure you will agree.   


Ten years ago I edited & published the now-defunct journal "Weirdly Supernatural" which featured original work by such writers as Joan Aiken, Dr. Glen Cavaliero, Brian Stableford et al. A small number of my own pieces were also included under the byline 'Jonathan Harker'. Of interest was the inclusion of the only piece of fiction written by the late Peter Haining, and a haunting account of a meeting between the authors Robert Aickman and T.E.D. Klein, written by Klein in response to my pitiful & insistent urging. 


Of [slightly more] equal interest, I also published the first foray into weird fiction by the noted playwright and author, Reggie Oliver, his innovative story 'The Dreams Of Cardinal Vittorini'. I then proceeded to publish his first two collections of [anti] existential horror stories under my Haunted River imprint. They are obviously superior to the Tartarus Press reprints, one of which dares to omit a Jamesian tale now deemed impolitic. My creative input to the stories was, I believe, not insubstantial.


I intend to publish further things in the future. Details will appear at a later date. I promise to respond [quite] politely should you make an enquiry or express an interest in this matter.