Feeble attempt to play self-composed tune during the 2018 heatwave, hence Chili Pepper Vs Cramps look.

I have written lyrics for 15 songs that Mick Harvey has put rather impressive music to. The Fall & Rise of Edgar Bourchier and the Horrors of War is our take on the idea of a concept album. It was released on 9th November 2018 with the legendary Mute label on limited edition green vinyl, CD and also as a digital download. You can purchase a copy here or stream it on Spotify. You can find out more about the project at the dedicated Edgar Bourchier website.

Some reviews for the album: Soundblab, Cryptic Rock, Allmusic.

         "Harvey...took Barker's convincing concept seriously; he crafted a series of truly brilliant songs that equate with his best material. 'The Fall and Rise of Edgar Bourchier and the Horrors of War' is a work of profoundly disturbing imagination that simultaneously reflects seemingly never-ending violence, the weight of history, and the art of poetry itself."

         "Essential heavy listening."

         "While each song features intense and powerful lyrical poetry, certain tracks are backed by such eerie and poignant music from Harvey that Bourchier’s story seems to come to life."

I write occasional tales of supernatural horror under the name 'Jane Fox'. One of these ('The Mine Field') won a prize in a British Fantasy Society short story competition, while another ('Better Than Borley Rectory') appeared in 'Midwinter Entertainment' by Egaeus Press

My poem 'In Every Parting, The Shadow Of Death' appears on a Klanggalerie CD release "From Vienna With Love", where it has been atmospherically enhanced by a dark soundtrack from the avant-garde electronic band Attrition. 'In Every Parting, The Shadow Of Death' is an original contemporary piece which serves as an homage to one of my favourite writers, Walter de la Mare

I have finished my first novel, 'The Melancholy Haunting Of Nicholas Parkes'. This novel expands upon my earlier fictionalisation of the life, death and haunting of 'cult' musician, Nick Drake. However, at nearly twenty times the length of the original, it is considerably broader in theme and concept. It features original poetry by a fictional poet along with other narrative devices. After this I hope to write two further novels, one a dystopian fiction, the other an historical biopic. Anyway, the 1,500 page novel is being proof-read at the moment by an extremely competent individual and will hopefully be placed with a publisher early in 2019. 

My first collection of short stories was "Tenebrous Tales" [Ex Occidente Press, 2010]. A second collection "The Insatiable Hunger Of Vampires & Other Seductive Poisons" is in progress. I have also written a first draft of a TV comedy called 'Stenbock: Gothic Detective' which features the decadent exploits of a dilettante psychic detective from the 1890s. However, this still needs considerable editing. Additionally, I write stories under a 'nom de plume' elsewhere. 


In 2012 excerpts from one of my stories featured in various mixed media pieces which were exhibited by the artist Denise Weston at the Lakeside Arts Centre in Nottingham.


I have also edited two collections of short stories by Reggie Oliver, in addition to producing the journal "Weirdly Supernatural" [for which I wrote several entries under the byline 'Jonathan Harker']. Finally, in a previous office life, I composed & edited a wide variety of tedious media including contracts, documents, leaflets, guides, newsletters etcetera.


[Ex Occidente Press, 2010]

My debut collection, featuring a handful of previously published short stories along with a larger handful of new tales. 'The Melancholy Haunting Of Nicholas Parkes' is closely based upon the cult musician Nick Drake. 'Subtle Differences'  narrates the disturbing experience of a group of British horror-film fans whose hobby of visiting the locations of seminal movies takes them to Burkittsville in America on the trail of the Blair Witch.  Artwork by Kerry Buck. 

  • The Melancholy Haunting Of Nicholas Parkes

  • Snow Train

  • The Sinister Cupboard

  • The Man Who Fell Awake

  • Subtle Differences

  • The Motiveless Pursuit

  • The Tableaux

  • The Cliff Path

  • Drill Head

  • The Thing In The Tree

Four of the stories received 'Honorable Mentions' by Ellen Datlow in her annual review of the Year's Best Horror. 'The Melancholy Haunting Of Nicholas Parkes' was short-listed for a British Fantasy Award (but I asked that it be withdrawn).

Unfortunately this edition sold out quickly. On the rare occcasions when copies turn up on Ebay, they fetch prices of circa £200-300.  

Buy an electronic or paperback copy of 'Tenebrous Tales':





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